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Why you need thunderboltJS

  • World Class User Experience
  • Struggling with marketing ROI
  • Better Google Ranking
  • Increase Website Conversions
  • Improved Customer Retention Rate
  • Less Bounce Rate
  • Scale effortlessly

Technologies we use

Thunderbolt is built upon ‘best in class’ technologies that shape the modern web

Frequently asked questions

ThunderboltJS is a framework, a compiler that improves your core web vitals, resulting in your site loading superfast. A new way of rendering websites.

If you engage in digital marketing or work towards getting discovered on Google via SEO, €75/month (YES!) will be a very small investment when looking at the bigger picture. Your CEO will thank you.

Core web vitals are the 4 parameters, namely accessibility, performance, SEO, and best practices (mobile first etc), by which your site is ranked by Google & other search engines. You can check your core web vitals here

The thunderboltJS pay monthly website is an alternative way to own and benefit from a modern business website. Instead of using a web design agency to build a high upfront cost website that probably uses a CMS and requires you to make updates and content changes, we will build a pay-per-month website on a subscription and make all updates for you. The cost of the website also includes hosting, support, and maintenance.

Once the design is approved, sites with no CMS and less than 10-15 pages take less than 5 days. Sites with CMS & at least 10-15 pages take approximately 15 days including testing & deployment. Factors that usually lengthen the timeline are design revisions or client delays in approval.

If you are happy with your design, simply dump your HTML via a zip file or add us to your GitLab/GitHub for us to convert it to a lightning-fast dot com. Still confused? You can contact our solution experts.

All our plans include unlimited content changes, however, we also offer custom Strapi CMS for an additional cost.

We use a combination of services like thunderboltJS, AWS, Gatsby cloud, Fastly to host & deploy your website and CMS.

You will need to use thunderboltJS as your hosting provider. We provide hosting services to all our customers. No hidden costs.

Yes, after an initial period of 24 months, you will have access to everything deployed with us, including all updates delivered via GitLab/GitHub. We put great effort into your business and break payments into affordable monthly payments. This means our website comes with a 24-month contract which is agreed upon purchase.

Once your site is ready, our team will send you domains to be pointed out in simple, easy-to-understand, and secure steps. Don't worry, our customer success team will be with you every step of the way.

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

Yes. All websites and marketing services can be upgraded to the next plan at any time. Websites can only be downgraded at the end of the new 24-month term. Other add-on services are provided on a monthly basis and can be downgraded or cancelled at any time.

We will generate an invoice each month for any services with us which will be available from your thunderboltJS account. All payments are processed through Stripe.

Our customer support team will reach out to you to update your payment information. We usually allow a period of 45 days for billing errors and payment defaults. If no action is taken, the subscription will expire, which might cause your website to become unreachable.

Only the first month's payment for your website. There is no additional setup cost or hidden charges.

Managed hosting subscription is when you have an existing website and only need support to get the website; Live for users, including 24x7 maintenance, more than 99% uptime guarantee, protection against cyber threats, and more!

Of course. Our web hosting services are designed to meet the needs of our customers and this means that we simply require 7 working days’ notice from clients who wish to cancel the service.